Our mission is simple and that is to help you make more sales and profit using the tools and technologies that the internet provides.

Here is what Digital Promotion Academy is about

You are definitely at the right place if you have asked yourself any of the questions below

  • How can I sell more of my products using the internet?
  • How can I run converting adverts on Facebook?
  • How can I get people to trust me enough to pay for my products?
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    How can I create profitable systems and funnels that converts? 

You will get proven strategies


that has helped us and other business owners like you in their day to day lives and businesses

I understand that business can be really tough these days, the competition is fierce. Only those who are ahead in the game can pull through.

How can you stay on top of your game, getting all the deals using social media and make all the sales there is to make?

You can get all that without digging into hundreds of books and courses by the so called "gurus".

You can get time proven and effective strategies to grow your business right here, all you need to do so you don't miss it is to subscribe to Digital Promotion Academy... It's totally free


11 Months ago, I was a banker earning a salary in 6 figures, I was unhappy and always stressed.

I resigned from the bank without notice to start my business in the Digital Marketing space and in 11 months, I am where people dream of being in 2 years.

It is the same blueprint I intend to pass down to you so you can grow your business fast like I did.

No, it’s not magic, but it is probably the next best thing: a clearly laid out, step-by-step guide that will show you, in crystal clear detail, exactly what to do.

It’s the secret blueprint for success you’ve been waiting for.


Emeka Nobis, Thought leader & Coach

Naomi Osemedua, Int'l Speaker & Coach

Promise Excel, owner of maverickexcel

Sylvia Mosanya, CEO, Sylvie's Kitchen

Vincent David, Social Media Expert

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