The Strategy Behind Making 6 Or 7 Figure Sales On The Internet

Yesterday, I posted a 40 minutes video course on how to make super sales on the internet.

That video is just a snippet of what We will be talking about in the Funnels That Connvert Bootcamp.

For those who are yet to watch the video, I dissected 6 systems that work together to bring sales on the internet.

I wasn’t making a dime in sales until I understood these 6 systems.

Here are the 6 powerful systems.


That market (niche) you are trying to sell your product, is it profitable.

Are there enough people in the market that can actually pay for what you are selling?

Do they have a problem or challenge that needs to be urgently solved?

Getting to know all these things about your market would open your eyes to the kinds of solutions you’ll bring to the market place.


The product you are trying to sell, is it what the market wants?

The truth is this, many people try too hard to sell needs and that is where we lose it.

Let me explain this with a perfect example.

A woman who is trying to lose weight needs to hit the gym and eat healthy.

But most of them won’t want that.

They would rather look for a way to burn that fat without hitting the gym.

That is why weight loss supplements and body shapers would always sell more because that is what the market wants.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by trying too hard to sell needs, get them in with what they want and explain to them later with what they need.


This explains itself. You have to get lots of people to see your what you are promoting.

Above that, you have to know where your customers are gathered.

If you want to reach people who are 45 years and above, the best place to use are the newspapers.

For the younger generation, you can reach them on Facebook.

Playing your games where your ideal customers are gathered would enable you bring in quality traffic to your business.


If your advert doesn’t work, it is because you aren’t putting the right sales funnels in place.

A profitable sales funnel is the bed rock of any promotion online.

Even if you know how to pull the best traffic or write eye popping copies, if your funnel isn’t right, you’ll still have low sales.

Asides learning how to run powerful ads or write converting copies, you should learn how to create profitable funnels around your product..


Do you have an audience that listens to your message?

This isn’t about posting on your Facebook timeline everyday.

Your friends on Facebook are not your audience.

Your audience are people that have actually accepted your message, they know that your message can help them and they are always ready to listen to you.

They are people who would buy your products the most because they have shown that they are interested in what you offer


What tactics are you employing in making sales?

How are you writing your copies?

What are you saying in your sales message?

Learn how to write powerful copies or put out powerful content that actually drives sales.

Your sales tactics has to be on point or else, you will be losing sales.

In the funnels that convert bootcamp, we will be breaking down these processes to understandable pieces.

Here is the breakdown of what you’ll learn in the bootcamp

Under the market, we will show you the 4-step formular that enables you find out if the market is profitable and worth pursuing.

The most painful part is spending money on promotions only to later find out that the market isn’t productive enough.

Under the product section, you will learn to research what the market wants even before you create or import the product.

This enables you save money creating or importing products that the market doesn’t want.

You’ll also learn the strategy of selling needs and make the market want it.

Under Traffic, we will show you how to run powerful ads that brings results on Facebook while cutting out all the mistakes that 98% of other marketers make while running ads.

Under sales funnels, you will learn about the 7 profitable sales funnel that coughs out 6 figures for me each time and how to create them.

You will also learn when and how to use them profitably for your business.

Under audience, you will learn how to build an audience that will buy your products over and over again.

When you have an audience that listens to you, you won’t need to run ads each time you want to sell, they will be there to grab your offers.

Under sales tactics, you will learn how to write powerful copies from Obinna who is the guy always behind my 6 figure sales copies and email content.

You will learn how he does it and how you can do it.

I will also be showing you how I use free videos and webinars to make sales each time plus the step by step templates.

Are you ready to learn and transform your business?

You are getting all these for less than the price you’ll use to make a cake for that loved one on their birthday.

Plus you get some other sumptuous bonuses that will make your sales journey even more magical and profitable.

I wanted to shut the doors to the bootcamp but decided to leave it open for those who earn salaries at the end of the month.

My conscience is clear now… This might just be your last opportunity.

If you want to join this bootcamp, make the payment of 7,999 naira into the account below

Pay the sum of 7,999 naira into the account below

Account Name: The Webpreneur

Account Number: 0254574624

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

After making payment, send your payment name, email address, what you paid for and phone number to

How to Setup A Profitable Network Marketing Sales Funnel

Setting up a profitable network marketing sales funnel is a must if you intend to stand out in the ever competitive industry.

This article is set out to show you the best sales funnel you can use to quickly grow your network marketing business.

It is possible that you are really struggling to get your network marketing business off the ground.

You have tried all they told you to do but it is just not working for you.

It is also possible that you are planning on moving your already growing network marketing business forward.

If the above describes you right now, using a profitable network marketing sales funnel is your best bet.

This doesn’t go to say that the traditional method of holding regular meetings does not work.

I know a top network marketer that built his business strictly using this model.

But if you want a faster and automated means to build your business then using a profitable network marketing sales funnel is the sure way to go.

Why you should set up a profitable network marketing sales funnel

A sales funnel allows you move from the traditional network marketing strategies where you have to meet people one on one to pitch your opportunity.

Instead of going out to meet people one on one, you have a system all set up to do the prospecting job for you

while you concentrate on growing your business.

In fact, with a sales funnel that is properly set up, you will have people actually begging to join your company through you.

All the top network marketers you hear about today have profitable sales funnels, why shouldn’t you.

I will be describing the same profitable network marketing sales funnel I used for a client for illustration purposes.

A proper network marketing system is set up so that people can achieve two purposes.

Sell products and build downlines.

You are also able to earn from your downlines/leads and their activities…. This is what makes it network marketing.

The more downlines you bring, the more money you are able to make.

That is why a lot of people concentrate on building downlines rather than product sales.

This article would be more focused on helping you build downlines/leads for your network marketing business.

The profitable network marketing sales funnel works the same way you’ll talk to someone on a one on one basis.

The difference here is just that the system does the talking and recruiting for you.

Here is how it works

profitable network marketing sales funnel

Your landing page

The landing page would be a website with very few content promising a powerful free video.

It is the page where people land on after clicking on your advert.

The sole purpose of this page is to collect the contact details of people who land on the page.

But before people give you their contact details (especially email), there must be a compelling reason to do so.

What will they be getting after submitting their contact details?

That is why you should promise them a sort of free but valuable training in exchange for their email addresses.

Below is a perfect example of a landing page you can use for your business

profitable network marketing sales funnel

The landing page above is promising to give them a free video on how they can start a profitable business in the health niche.

All they need to do is to sign up.

The purpose of collecting their contact details is for future follow up.


The Value Video

The value video is what they get immediately they sign up on your landing page.

This video should be anything between 15-35 minutes where you teach them what you promised on the landing page.

Just assume you are seeing the person face to face while creating this video.

What are you going to say to catch their fancy?

You are going to be sharing a lot of value and amazing strategies in this video.

At this point, forget about hoarding any information. Just share.

Let them know how people have so many health challenges and are ready to spend to get solutions.

Give them facts and figures.

Share marketing strategies especially as it relates to online marketing.

You can learn how to run ads on Facebook and teach them how to do it.

Then finally, you recommend your network marketing company as the company that would provide them the products.

To make this even more powerful, give them mind blowing bonuses to join through you.

It can be tools or courses that would make then get faster results.

You can also promise to show them your system so they can duplicate it.

At the end of the video, you can give them the link to sign up with your company.

Set deadlines if possible or have a number of people you intend to work with.

Tools needed to create a profitable network marketing sales funnel

  1. Domain name and hosting
  2. A page builder (thrive architect)
  3. Traffic source
  4. Email Service Provider (ESP)

Domain name and hosting

This is one very important tool of trade if you are to set up a profitable network marketing sales funnel.

A perfect example of a domain name is

You should get one for your business; I recommend getting from namecheap

After getting your domain name, the next step is to host it.

Until you host your domain name, your website cannot be visible on the world wide web.

Your hosting is going to be housing your landing page, without the domain name and hosting creating a landing page is impossible.

You can also host your domain with namecheap

Page builder

The page builder helps in creating your landing and video pages easily without stress.

There are a couple of page builders around but the one I recommend is thrive architect.

I have been using this builder since 2015 and I must confess it only gets better with them.

If you need thrive architect installed, I will do that for 10,000 naira.

You can also buy a license from their website for $67. The choice is yours.

One good thing about thrive is that you will not regret getting this wordpress plugin.

You can use it in creating your website, use it for your blogs and also in creating your landing pages.

Traffic Source

Where will you be getting people from?

When doing your offline prospecting, you go from door to door to talk to people.

This time, you have to get people to visit your landing page.

You can get people to visit your landing page through your facebook, twitter or instagram timeline.

Or you can just get learn how to run powerful Facebook ads to reach the right people.

Whichever way you decide to go, you have to be getting a lot of people to visit your landing page.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

The ESP synchronizes the form on your landing page with their email service.

Immediately someone enters their email, they are automatically stored by the ESP so that you can reach them again.

With the ESP, you can also send automated messages and newsletters at once to everyone on your list.

It saves you the stress of sending messages one after the other.

There are so many ESPs but the one I recommend you use is getresponse.

Getresponse allows you use their service for totally free for the first 30 days.

If everything is done right, the next 30 days and beyond can pay for itself.

You know what I mean right?

You can now go ahead and create your own profitable network marketing sales funnel.

If there is any where you need more clarification, just drop them in the comment box below.

Is there any other thing you can add to this, also share you thought in the comment box.


How To Pay For Facebook Ads Using A Free Dollar Card In Nigeria

Do you know that you can pay for Facebook ads using a free dollar card in Nigeria?

This article would take you through the step by step process of getting, funding and make payment with this card.

This card itself is free but you will need to fund your wallet in Naira then convert the sum to dollars.

How do you get this card that you use to pay for Facebook ads?

I would tell you shortly.

This card can also be used to make other online payments asides Facebook ads and they charge you 370 naira to $1.

How to get the free dollar card to pay for Facebook ads

Head over to and register a free account.

The registration process is quite straight forward so I won’t be going over that here.

Their user interface is so easy to follow.

Now follow the steps below to get and fund your own card.

When you log into your account you’ll see a page like below:

pay for facebook ads

Check the left hand side of the screen and click on wallet.

At the point, we want to fund our wallet in naira.

The amount we fund would be automatically converted to dollar later.

Immediately you click on wallet, the page like below comes up.

pay for facebook ads 2

At the top of the screen, make sure you select the naira wallet.

Then at the right hand, you will see the “fund wallet” screen.

Put the amount you intend to fund your account with and click “fund your wallet”

Take note that the least you can fund is $10 which is equivalent to 3,700 naira.

When you click on fund account, you will get a pop up to fund your getbarter account with your card.

pay for facebook ads 3

Fill in your debit card details and click pay.

Note that you can also pay with your bank account but they only support Firstbank and GTBank for now.

Now, you have successfully funded your wallet, the next step is to create a card.

pay for facebook ads 4

Go back to the right hand side of the screen and click on cards.

Immediately this is done, you will get a page like below.

pay for facebook ads

Click on “create a new card” at the top right corner of your screen.

Immediately you click on create card, you get a pop up like what you see below

pay for facebook ads 6

Name on card: Put the name you used on Facebook here (though sometimes it doesn’t really matter)

Card currency: this should be USD

Amount: Put in the amount you want to fund and make sure it is not more than the equivalent in your wallet.

Card type: Make sure it is regular, a temporary card would not work.

Wallet to debit from: This should be NGN, which means that you want them to debit your wallet and credit your card.

After this is done, click on create card.

Immediately you do this, a card would be created for you.

You now have you card and all it’s details.

Next is for you to go into the billing section of your ads manager and update your card details.

Any time you want fund the card, log into getbarter, go to cards, you will see your card like above.

Click on it and fund the card.

Now you can easily pay for facebook ads without the stress of going to the bank to get a dollar card.

Hope the article was able to help?

If you prefer to watch this in video. Click here.


A Simple But Profitable Sales Funnel To Triple Sales For Your Digital Products

Having a profitable sales funnel to sell your digital products can be the best decision you will make in business.

A sales funnel that is properly done can keep making money for you even while you are asleep.

There has been a very sharp increase in the creation of digital products recently but 90% of people who create courses are not making so much from it.

That’s because they are doing it wrongly and don’t have a proper sales funnel in place.

Here is the pure truth.

It is very difficult for people to buy your digital products if they don’t know and trust you.

A profitable sales funnel takes them through the process of knowing you then trusting you enough to deliver before parting with their money.

To learn more, I suggest you watch this free 35 minutes video.



In this article, I will show you one very profitable sales funnel that can triple the sales of your digital products.

The 5 components of this profitable sales funnel

profitable sales funnel

Your Traffic Source

The traffic source is simply where you will be getting people from, it can be from your ads on Facebook, Google ads or guest post.

Make sure that the people coming to your page are those that are really interested in your business or else this system would not work.

If you are running ads on Facebook, make sure you are targeting the right people.

If you are guest blogging, make sure it is a blog that has the same type of audience as you.

Your Landing Page

The landing page is where people would land on when they click your link from the advert source.

The landing page is usually a page with very short content.

The only purpose of the landing page is to get the contact details of those who land on it.

It is on the landing page that you promise people something for free in exchange for their contact details.

See an example of a landing below

profitable sales funnel

On the landing page, you promise to give them a powerful video but before they can see the video, they need to sign up.

The Value Page

The value is the page people get to see after they sign up.

It is the page that would carry the video that was promised on the landing page.

This video should share value for 15-35 minutes around one topic.

Use the video as an opportunity to blow people’s mind. Share everything around that one topic.

After sharing the value you give them the opportunity to buy something small from you.

This should be an upgrade to what they just learnt in your free video.

It should be a very cheap product that people can afford.

This product would serve as an audition for people to buy your main product.

For example, you might tell them to pay for access to a webinar you did in a Facebook group.

Immediately they pay, you give them the access to the group and blow their minds once again with a bigger value.

After which you talk about your main product.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook group is where you then deliver your first paid product. I suggest a live video or couple of live videos.

The videos can be live or recorded.

Here is what I do for my own courses.

I do a live video for few of my inner circle members; this video course can be free or paid.

The video would be done in a closed Facebook group, with restricted access

I give so much value, more than what they came in for, they’ll drop their testimonials even when I didn’t ask for it.

I use the testimonials as a social proof when creating the video on my value page.

Those coming through my profitable sales funnel are able to see ahead that people already joined this course and are getting result.

This way, they are more likely to join because other people have.

No one likes to be the experiment in cases like this.

You can keep selling access to this group forever with no extra work done.

Your Upsell

The upsell is your main product. It is the ultimate goal of your profitable sales funnel.

Here, you have a product with a high price point.

People only get to see the upsell after going through the courses in your Facebook group.

Because you have given them so much value, they won’t mind taking the step with you.

At this point, they already trust you to deliver.

If your upsell is your personal coaching program, you can even pre-qualify them.

You give them details about the program, let them know it is not for everyone then give them a form to fill.

It is after they fill the form, you get to tell them about the fee for the program.

You also let them know that you are going to drop those who aren’t good fit because you want to work with certain types of people.

Make sure you truly drop people who aren’t good fits for your business.

People would see you as not being desperate and would rush, hope and pray that you choose to work with them.

If you would like to watch this in video for more clarity, click here

You’ve got everything you need to start creating that profitable sales funnel to triple your sales.

Go ahead and use it.


10 Ways To Avoid Your Facebook Ad Account Getting Banned

How to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned should be one of the priorities of any business owner

Especially if you get most of your customers from Facebook.

Sometimes, you feel you’ve done everything right to avoid the hammer but it still hits you nonetheless.

There is no hard and fast rule to it.

From my experience spending thousands of dollars on Facebook, there are certain steps you need to take to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Facebook wants to protect their users, they want people to feel safe on their platform.

The moment people feel uncomfortable, they are bound to leave for other competing social platforms.

This is what Facebook is trying to avoid.

Your ad shouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable for any reason else they will come down hard on you.

If you want to avoid your facebook ad account getting banned, be sure to read their Advert Policies

How to play it safe with Facebook Adverts

Rule One: Don’t do this if you have ever been banned

There is always a slim chance of getting your account back if you’ve ever been banned.

There is usually no harm in trying to do this, though the success rate is very low.

You can send them a really polite message through the Disabled Ad Account Help form

The guy who picks up your case might have just gotten a pay raise, he might be in a happy mood.

If this doesn’t happen, then you have to go the other route.

You are going to be starting afresh with a new account.

There is a right way to do this though.

If you do it wrongly, you’ll get your new account banned again.

If by chance, you have never created an ad account using business manager then it’s your lucky day.

You can go ahead and create a new Facebook ad account from the business manager and let go of everything associated with the former account that was banned.

Yes, I mean everything, your fan page, credit card and url.

If the account that was banned is your business manager ad account then it’s a different ball game.

Get a friend or family member who you are sure would never run ads to create an account in their business manager and add you as an admin.

To be extra secure, make sure you don’t use the same PC you were using when your account was banned while setting up the business manager on your friend’s Facebook account.

The moment you are added as an admin, you will be able to run ads normally.

Rule Two: Don’t be a direct response marketer

Facebook is first a social platform before any thing else, you have to treat it as such.

No one comes to Facebook with the intention of buying anything.

We go in to socialize, make new connections and catch up.

Make your advert blend around this.

Facebook would do anything to protect their community.

The moment you make people feel uncomfortable with your overly salesy message, you won’t avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Rule Three: Do not login from different IPs

If you are logging in from different countries, you are hardly going to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Instead of logging in from different locations, you can use your Facebook ad manager app to run things for the moment you are away.

Rule Four: Don’t spend aggressively

Do not overshoot your advert budget from a very low amount to a high amount all of a sudden.

Like going from $10 per day to $1,000 per day.

Take it slow, increase your ad spend gradually and you will be just fine in their books and totally avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Rule Five: Delete your disapproved ads

When your ads have been disapproved, don’t try to clean up the mess.

Simply delete that campaign and recreate it.

Also go over your account and make sure you don’t have any disapproved ad just lying in your ad manager.

The Facebook guys do spot checks from time to time and your ads might just be affected.

They can get your account banned because of an advert that was disapproved long time ago.

Rule Six: Be careful with what you promote and how

Weight loss, sex, religion, race are very sensitive topics, so you have to be very careful when you promote stuff around these areas.

You can’t make unsubstantiated claims like “How to lose 20kg in 14 days”.

Your landing page too shouldn’t have these claims on them.

With subjects like this, you can use stories or solution based topics to get people to notice you.

For example, instead of saying “How to lose 20kg in 14 days”, you can say “4 foods I’m eating to get back in shape for the summer”

Rule Seven: Link baiting and fear mongering is a sin

One way to totally avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned is to avoid link baiting.

They recently clamped down on many accounts because of this.

Avoid topics like “5 things to learn about women, number 3 will make your eyes pop”.

You have to fully disclose the intentions of your advert.

Tell people what you want them to do, let people know what they will be doing next.

Do you want them to register when they click? You have to disclose it in the ad.

Fear mongering is a taboo- topics like “if you don’t read this now, you will be broke by tomorrow” aren’t allowed.

Rule Eight: Avoid calling out people

Don’t call out people by their names and conditions if you want to avoid getting your facebook ad account banned.

Facebook feels it makes people uncomfortable.

For example ” Hey, struggling business owner” “Are you suffering from diabetes”

Instead of calling people out, you can use content pieces to get people to click.

Rule Nine: Avoid trapping mechanisms

Facebook doesn’t like Pup ups, pop unders, auto play videos, exit pop ups etc.

Facebook wants people to be as safe as possible and don’t want them feeling trapped because they visited your website.

You can a disclaimer, privacy and contact links at the bottom of your landing pages.

These shows that you are giving people the option to exit your landing page.

Rule Ten: Monitor your feedback

Make sure your relevance score is always high.

If your relevance score is too low, Facebook automatically thinks your message isn’t well received.

Monitor feedback; whether positive or negative.

When your relevance score is high, you are sure of getting cheaper ad cost, more clicks and impressions.

If you are getting too many negative feedbacks, just pause the ad and start afresh.

In closing, one thing you should always do to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned is to make sure you keep yourself updated with the ad policies.

It changes from time to time, you need to be at par with the do’s and don’ts on Facebook advertising.

Was there a time your account was banned? What did you do to bring it back to life?

Share your experience in the comment section.



Facebook Ad Targeting Hack: How to target your exact customers with 100% accuracy

Facebook ad targeting is one serious hurdle most facebook advertisers would have to jump if they are to have a successful campaign.

Facebook ad targeting that is poorly done, defeats the ultimate purpose of the ad.

Advert would be seen by the wrong set of people.

And conversions would be so low.

When it comes to facebook ad targeting, it is a very serious work.

You need to take time to brainstorm on the right targeting options before going ahead to run your ads.

This article is out to make your brainstorming easy and show you how to target the right people whenever you run ads.

The very first step to getting your Facebook ad targeting right is to know who your customers are:


Your Customer Avatar

Before you go into Facebook to advertise, you have to first decipher who your customer is.

If you get this wrong, nothing else about your advert will matter because you will be losing your money on ad without getting any result.

That is why it is very important to get this right.

You should be able to answer the questions below correctly about your ideal customer.

  • What is their sex (Male or female)
  • Their relationship status (single, married, engaged)
  • Educational level (post-graduate, graduate, high school)
  • Age range (E.g 25-34)
  • What are they interested in
  • The industry in which they work
  • The kinds of device they use.
  • Their fears and aspirations

Cold audience Facebook ad targeting

A cold audience is someone who doesn’t know, trust or care about what you do.

Since you are in business to make money, you have to find a way to make this people know, trust and care about you.

This is something you can achieve with Facebook advertising.

For Google ads, you target people using keywords.

For example, if someone wants to lose weight, they can simple go to google and type “How to lose weight”

The first 2 or 3 results displayed might be an advert and these advertisers targeted the keyword “how to lose weight”

People type keywords into google because they are looking for a solution.

People come into facebook 99.9% of the time to socialize, to see what’s going on with friends, family, colleagues etc.

They don’t come to Facebook most times because they want a particular solution.

So with facebook advertising, we actually have to interrupt them from their initial intentions.

That is why we target people when doing Facebook advertising based on what they are interested in.

For example, if I want to target someone who is looking lose weight…

I can target certain types of slimming teas or products because I am dead sure that my audience must have liked a page like that.

If I want to target business owners or aspiring business owners, I can target a term like entrepreneur magazine because 90% of the people who like the magazine are entrepreneurs.

The concept of Broad, Medium and Narrow Interest Targeting

You can target people through broad, medium or narrow interest targeting.

Your journey to a successful Facebook Advertising lies in these 3 types of targeting.

This is where a lot of people get it wrong with Facebook advertising.

That is why we have more failure than success rates.

What do these concepts mean?

Broad Interest Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook has certain categories that are classified as broad categories.

For example, Business and industry, Entertainment etc.

It covers people who facebook thinks might be interested in your business but actually aren’t interested.

They usually contain those we called “interest by association”

For example, if I share a post about my weight loss journey and a skinny friend of mine likes that post.

Facebook automatically thinks that the person is interested in weight loss and adds them to the broad category.

That is why targeting broad category is a bad idea.

You might be reaching those who are not interested in your business.

And you know what that means? Bad market.

When people cry foul about their adverts not working, most of the time they targeted broad interest audience.

Medium interest Facebook Ad Targeting

These type of targeting are usually better than the broad targeting but not quite the best.

Here, you are targeting certain types of interest that are not just particular to your audience.

For example, I want to reach out to football fans on Facebook.

It seems like a good idea to target fans of Ronaldo or Messi right?

That’s not quite a good idea.

Look at it from this angle, there are many people who like Ronlado for non-footballing reasons.

When you target this term, you will be reaching out to a lot of people who are not football fans.

Instead of targeting Ronaldo or Messi, you can target a term like

That website only talks about football and everyone who likes the website do so because they are football fans.

Narrow Interest Facebook Ad Targeting

These are the type of interest you should be targeting in your adverts.

Facebook recognizes these interests based on the pages that people actually like.

For example if I intend to target people who are business owners, I can target the entrepreneur magazine

Unlike the broad interest, the narrow interest takes the guess work off facebook.

You are sure that your advert would show to people who like the Facebook fan page of Entrepreneur Magazine.

How to find your audience narrow interest

There are 4 methods I currently use in finding the narrow interest of my audience for my facebook advert.

The audience insights method

Fan page suggestions

Ad manager suggestions

Google search


The audience insights method

The audience insights is a great Facebook tool every marketer should be using for their Facebook ad targeting

It can be used to ascertain the demographics of your audience.

The age range, relationship status, educational level and the others

You can also use the audience insights to get the narrow interest of those you want to reach with your advert.

To get started with this method:

Visit this link

From the pop up that appears choose “Everyone on Facebook”

facebook ad targeting

Location by default will be United States, cancel it and input Nigeria as your location, except your target are those in the United States.

In the interest box, insert your broad interest. For example, “small business”.

Look at the tabs at the top of the page: Demographics, page likes, location, activities, etc.

At this point we aren’t concerned about the other tabs, what you are looking out for is the “page likes” tab. Click on that.

After doing that, scroll down until you see a page like below

facebook ad targeting 2

Now get out your notepad, it’s time to write

Take a close look at the image above, you can see the spot circled in red.

The affinity tab is what we are interested in

What does this mean?

Affinity means the number of times the fans of a particular page are likely to be interested in your subject.

Looking at the image above

Fans of the page “Young Entrepreneur” are 30 times likely to be interested in the subject “small business”

Affinity of 10x and are above are usually good enough.

Get out your notepad and copy all the fan pages you find here with an affinity 10x and above.

These can turn out to be great narrow interests for your advert.


The fan page suggestion method

When you like a particular fan page, it will bring other fan pages as suggestions.

The suggestions can be very good narrow interest for my facebook advert

See the image below.

facebook ad targeting 3

I liked Tony Robbins’ page and it brought out other pages that are closely related to that page.

These other pages are really good narrow interest.

Copy them into your notepad, they’ll come in handy when we are running our ads.


Ad manager suggestions

You go into the Facebook ad manager and check for suggestion.

The suggestions you get from the ad manager can be really good for your Facebook ad targeting

See the images below

facebook ad targeting 4

In the interest box, I typed in “Tony Robbins” then clicked on suggestions.

Facebook automatically gives me interests related to Tony Robbins.

Wipe out your notepad once again and type in these suggestions into it.


Google search method

We can also get narrow interest from Google search.

Here is how you do this:

You type in your niche plus certain keywords into Google search engine.

Here are some keywords you can use:

Niche + Association

Niche + Brands/Products

Niche + Magazines/Blogs

Niche + Website

Niche + Public Figure

Niche + Expert

Niche + Forum

See the example below to understand it better

facebook ad targeting 5

I used weight loss as my niche here and added the plus sign then typed product.

Copy out the product name you find here into your notepad.

You can do the same for other keywords to find really narrow interest for your Facebook ad targeting.


You can see that targeting the right customers when running Facebook ads is not as difficult as we make it seem.

All you just need to do is brainstorm properly and research for those interest that would enable you reach your audience.

Let me know in the comment box, any additions or questions you might have.

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