10 Ways To Avoid Your Facebook Ad Account Getting Banned

How to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned should be one of the priorities of any business owner

Especially if you get most of your customers from Facebook.

Sometimes, you feel you’ve done everything right to avoid the hammer but it still hits you nonetheless.

There is no hard and fast rule to it.

From my experience spending thousands of dollars on Facebook, there are certain steps you need to take to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Facebook wants to protect their users, they want people to feel safe on their platform.

The moment people feel uncomfortable, they are bound to leave for other competing social platforms.

This is what Facebook is trying to avoid.

Your ad shouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable for any reason else they will come down hard on you.

If you want to avoid your facebook ad account getting banned, be sure to read their Advert Policies

How to play it safe with Facebook Adverts

Rule One: Don’t do this if you have ever been banned

There is always a slim chance of getting your account back if you’ve ever been banned.

There is usually no harm in trying to do this, though the success rate is very low.

You can send them a really polite message through the Disabled Ad Account Help form

The guy who picks up your case might have just gotten a pay raise, he might be in a happy mood.

If this doesn’t happen, then you have to go the other route.

You are going to be starting afresh with a new account.

There is a right way to do this though.

If you do it wrongly, you’ll get your new account banned again.

If by chance, you have never created an ad account using business manager then it’s your lucky day.

You can go ahead and create a new Facebook ad account from the business manager and let go of everything associated with the former account that was banned.

Yes, I mean everything, your fan page, credit card and url.

If the account that was banned is your business manager ad account then it’s a different ball game.

Get a friend or family member who you are sure would never run ads to create an account in their business manager and add you as an admin.

To be extra secure, make sure you don’t use the same PC you were using when your account was banned while setting up the business manager on your friend’s Facebook account.

The moment you are added as an admin, you will be able to run ads normally.

Rule Two: Don’t be a direct response marketer

Facebook is first a social platform before any thing else, you have to treat it as such.

No one comes to Facebook with the intention of buying anything.

We go in to socialize, make new connections and catch up.

Make your advert blend around this.

Facebook would do anything to protect their community.

The moment you make people feel uncomfortable with your overly salesy message, you won’t avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Rule Three: Do not login from different IPs

If you are logging in from different countries, you are hardly going to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Instead of logging in from different locations, you can use your Facebook ad manager app to run things for the moment you are away.

Rule Four: Don’t spend aggressively

Do not overshoot your advert budget from a very low amount to a high amount all of a sudden.

Like going from $10 per day to $1,000 per day.

Take it slow, increase your ad spend gradually and you will be just fine in their books and totally avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned.

Rule Five: Delete your disapproved ads

When your ads have been disapproved, don’t try to clean up the mess.

Simply delete that campaign and recreate it.

Also go over your account and make sure you don’t have any disapproved ad just lying in your ad manager.

The Facebook guys do spot checks from time to time and your ads might just be affected.

They can get your account banned because of an advert that was disapproved long time ago.

Rule Six: Be careful with what you promote and how

Weight loss, sex, religion, race are very sensitive topics, so you have to be very careful when you promote stuff around these areas.

You can’t make unsubstantiated claims like “How to lose 20kg in 14 days”.

Your landing page too shouldn’t have these claims on them.

With subjects like this, you can use stories or solution based topics to get people to notice you.

For example, instead of saying “How to lose 20kg in 14 days”, you can say “4 foods I’m eating to get back in shape for the summer”

Rule Seven: Link baiting and fear mongering is a sin

One way to totally avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned is to avoid link baiting.

They recently clamped down on many accounts because of this.

Avoid topics like “5 things to learn about women, number 3 will make your eyes pop”.

You have to fully disclose the intentions of your advert.

Tell people what you want them to do, let people know what they will be doing next.

Do you want them to register when they click? You have to disclose it in the ad.

Fear mongering is a taboo- topics like “if you don’t read this now, you will be broke by tomorrow” aren’t allowed.

Rule Eight: Avoid calling out people

Don’t call out people by their names and conditions if you want to avoid getting your facebook ad account banned.

Facebook feels it makes people uncomfortable.

For example ” Hey, struggling business owner” “Are you suffering from diabetes”

Instead of calling people out, you can use content pieces to get people to click.

Rule Nine: Avoid trapping mechanisms

Facebook doesn’t like Pup ups, pop unders, auto play videos, exit pop ups etc.

Facebook wants people to be as safe as possible and don’t want them feeling trapped because they visited your website.

You can a disclaimer, privacy and contact links at the bottom of your landing pages.

These shows that you are giving people the option to exit your landing page.

Rule Ten: Monitor your feedback

Make sure your relevance score is always high.

If your relevance score is too low, Facebook automatically thinks your message isn’t well received.

Monitor feedback; whether positive or negative.

When your relevance score is high, you are sure of getting cheaper ad cost, more clicks and impressions.

If you are getting too many negative feedbacks, just pause the ad and start afresh.

In closing, one thing you should always do to avoid your Facebook ad account getting banned is to make sure you keep yourself updated with the ad policies.

It changes from time to time, you need to be at par with the do’s and don’ts on Facebook advertising.

Was there a time your account was banned? What did you do to bring it back to life?

Share your experience in the comment section.



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