The Strategy Behind Making 6 Or 7 Figure Sales On The Internet

Yesterday, I posted a 40 minutes video course on how to make super sales on the internet.

That video is just a snippet of what We will be talking about in the Funnels That Connvert Bootcamp.

For those who are yet to watch the video, I dissected 6 systems that work together to bring sales on the internet.

I wasn’t making a dime in sales until I understood these 6 systems.

Here are the 6 powerful systems.


That market (niche) you are trying to sell your product, is it profitable.

Are there enough people in the market that can actually pay for what you are selling?

Do they have a problem or challenge that needs to be urgently solved?

Getting to know all these things about your market would open your eyes to the kinds of solutions you’ll bring to the market place.


The product you are trying to sell, is it what the market wants?

The truth is this, many people try too hard to sell needs and that is where we lose it.

Let me explain this with a perfect example.

A woman who is trying to lose weight needs to hit the gym and eat healthy.

But most of them won’t want that.

They would rather look for a way to burn that fat without hitting the gym.

That is why weight loss supplements and body shapers would always sell more because that is what the market wants.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by trying too hard to sell needs, get them in with what they want and explain to them later with what they need.


This explains itself. You have to get lots of people to see your what you are promoting.

Above that, you have to know where your customers are gathered.

If you want to reach people who are 45 years and above, the best place to use are the newspapers.

For the younger generation, you can reach them on Facebook.

Playing your games where your ideal customers are gathered would enable you bring in quality traffic to your business.


If your advert doesn’t work, it is because you aren’t putting the right sales funnels in place.

A profitable sales funnel is the bed rock of any promotion online.

Even if you know how to pull the best traffic or write eye popping copies, if your funnel isn’t right, you’ll still have low sales.

Asides learning how to run powerful ads or write converting copies, you should learn how to create profitable funnels around your product..


Do you have an audience that listens to your message?

This isn’t about posting on your Facebook timeline everyday.

Your friends on Facebook are not your audience.

Your audience are people that have actually accepted your message, they know that your message can help them and they are always ready to listen to you.

They are people who would buy your products the most because they have shown that they are interested in what you offer


What tactics are you employing in making sales?

How are you writing your copies?

What are you saying in your sales message?

Learn how to write powerful copies or put out powerful content that actually drives sales.

Your sales tactics has to be on point or else, you will be losing sales.

In the funnels that convert bootcamp, we will be breaking down these processes to understandable pieces.

Here is the breakdown of what you’ll learn in the bootcamp

Under the market, we will show you the 4-step formular that enables you find out if the market is profitable and worth pursuing.

The most painful part is spending money on promotions only to later find out that the market isn’t productive enough.

Under the product section, you will learn to research what the market wants even before you create or import the product.

This enables you save money creating or importing products that the market doesn’t want.

You’ll also learn the strategy of selling needs and make the market want it.

Under Traffic, we will show you how to run powerful ads that brings results on Facebook while cutting out all the mistakes that 98% of other marketers make while running ads.

Under sales funnels, you will learn about the 7 profitable sales funnel that coughs out 6 figures for me each time and how to create them.

You will also learn when and how to use them profitably for your business.

Under audience, you will learn how to build an audience that will buy your products over and over again.

When you have an audience that listens to you, you won’t need to run ads each time you want to sell, they will be there to grab your offers.

Under sales tactics, you will learn how to write powerful copies from Obinna who is the guy always behind my 6 figure sales copies and email content.

You will learn how he does it and how you can do it.

I will also be showing you how I use free videos and webinars to make sales each time plus the step by step templates.

Are you ready to learn and transform your business?

You are getting all these for less than the price you’ll use to make a cake for that loved one on their birthday.

Plus you get some other sumptuous bonuses that will make your sales journey even more magical and profitable.

I wanted to shut the doors to the bootcamp but decided to leave it open for those who earn salaries at the end of the month.

My conscience is clear now… This might just be your last opportunity.

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