Where You Learn How To Build Powerful Online Systems To Attract And Convert Cold Leads To Happy Buyers And Downlines

In This Bootcamp, You Will Discover Top Strategies And Tactics You Won't Get To Find Out Anywhere Else On...

  • E-course sales secrets
  • Quick downline building strategies
  • Event ticket sales strategy
  • Quick customer generating techniques
  • Facebook money secrets
  • The reverse model for monster lead generation.
  • New copy techniques for doubling conversions.
  • Landing pages that convert.
  • ... And so much more

Vincent David

The Expert Online Business Hub

Since I attended your last event 6 months ago, I went from a guy who was totally confused to a guy  breaking records.

I recently got about 250 fresh leads while spending only $6 on ads

I have taken my business from zero to powerful 6 figures monthly, I made 1.9 million naira in sales for a client recently, made over 100k in just hours and I'm living the life I truly deserve.

I thank God every day that I met you. You have not just been a coach, you've been a blessing to me and my business all round.

Doc Ezinne Erhirhie

Medical Doctor & Health coach

When Emeka Nobis first introduced me to Ike, I was reluctant to contact him. I had been disappointed by too many IT people that I wanted to sit down and watch YouTube videos and DIY.

Buh I decided to just try him out. Mehn, I wished I had meet him in 2016. He was professional, punctual, and handles pressure well. I learnt how to create a sexy landing page and run my website by myself. He also taught me how to do my Facebook ads which helped me build my list from scratch.

He showed me he didn't just want my money but wanted results. It made me feel less lonely in this journey. I felt like I had a partner.

Thank you Iyke. Keep up the good, no, great work.

Gabriel Komolafe

Network Marketing Pro

I really must admit that you're truly a blessing to mankind, meeting you & working with you on projects has been nothing short of Amazing....

You not only made my 2018 remarkable but I look forward to a phenomenal 2019 with you on board.

Our latest event, we were able to get 500 ​people to attend on autopilot, without begging or forcing anyone.

Your attraction marketing skills are second to none.

Your trainings, Coaching & Service is simply like no other.

Your customer service is Wonderful too...

Thanks for all you do, God bless you Bro

You're a RockStar



Online Business Coach and Founder, The Webpreneur

Within the 2-days period of this live BOOTCAMP, I will be walking with you hand-in-hand to help you build and launch a highly-optimized sales funnel system that you can immediately leverage on to start making real money from your products and services.

This is the simple, proven system that have made me millions of naira in sales and gave me the power of choice to resign from my six-figure boring banking job.

This same system is what I want to hand over to you so that you can transform your business too.


A copywriter, internet marketer and Founder, Ink Marketers.

He is a highly-sought after copywriter and currently one of the best copywriters in the country.

He writes killer marketing copy for top brands and leading online entrepreneurs.

Obinna, will be on hand to teach you his genius copywriting secret tactics and strategies that have made hundreds of thousands of sales for his clients.

Most interestingly, he will be walking you through his unique 5-Step T.R.I.I.PFramework to writing a hypnotic copy. 


​Master Hardcore Marketing Strategies Which Produce Real-World Sales Results!

Just Some Of What You'll Be Learning...

(These immediately actionable tactics and strategies could be packaged and sold for over 150,000 naira or more!)

Get more customers with...

  • The “reverse funnel strategy” for getting new and hot leads faster than any other marketing model 2018.
  • The Ike Okolie’s master advert trick for making Facebook approve all your ads even if it’s against their policies.
  • One sneaky reason you should never promote your events and courses through ads and what you should do instead for crazy conversions.
  • The 7 types of funnels that work best and exactly when and how to use them.
  • The gun in the head tactics for selling off space for your event without begging anyone.
  • The “genius network marketing technique” the smart guys use to legally steal leads from other network companies.
  • Understanding the 3 types of traffic and how to get them to take the exact action you want them to.
  • The “secret structure” virtually every successful marketer follows to create converting landing pages.
  • How to transform your losing online/network marketing business into a winner with a simple but unbelievable marketing trick.
  • Why the savviest network marketers don’t struggle to build downlines and what they are doing instead to generate more leads than ever.
  • The website structure that guarantees more leads, more sales and more downlines.
  • One tweak you can add to your Facebook ad to increase traffic.
  • How to pay the least possible cost on advertising and still get massive results.
  • 5 free ways to uncover where your customers are hiding on Facebook and dig them out with Facebook ads.
  • Banned words you are never to use in your Facebook ads if you don’t want your advert account shut down.
  • …And so much more

Write better copies and make sales with...

  • The psychological myths that is holding you back from writing a winning copy (solve this and become an instant copywriting genius).
  • My secret formula for crafting magnetic headlines that easily pulls your ideal prospects in and make them read your entire copy
  • Powerful 3-P Technique to writing a compelling "Product Discovery Story" that will make people believe every single word you place on your copy
  • My unique T. R. I. I. P Framework to writing a killer copy that literally guarantees massive sales... even if you are just a newbie copywriter
  • How to structure a winning offer and make it devilishly irresistible
  • Why people don't buy your product and how you instantly address that and turn them into your most loyal buyers

Your Business Will Never Be The Same...

Just listen to these industry experts and hear how their businesses have been completely transformed using our secret marketing "Funnel That Converts" ​system

​Hand-Picked Bonus Courses To Ensure Your Ultimate Success

Extra Bonus #1

Landing Page Creation- Home Study Course

You get powerful videos on how you can create powerful and professional landing, squeeze and sales pages that catches attention and convert.

Extra Bonus #2

The Facebook Ad Mastermind Group

In this group for a whole 4 weeks, we did classes that would practically take you from being a Facebook advertising novice to been a pro, so you don't lose sleep and money again on Facebook ads

Extra Bonus #3

Access To My Premium Facebook Course

In this course I exposed certain secrets on Facebook advertising that you will practically not get anywhere not even from Facebook itself.

Extra Bonus #4

Thrive Architect (One Licence)

You also get the magic builder I use in building all my pages and how to use it in building your own page. As a matter of fact, this page you are reading was built with Thrive Architect.

Extra Bonus #5

Small business masterclass Course

A course that shows you how to find a profitable market with hungry buyers and start a business online the right way.

In Just 1 Day at Funnels That Convert Bootcamp,

You'll Fast-Track Your Business, As You...

  • Get access to the new sales-producing secrets being used by only the 1% pro marketers in the industry.
  • Learn how to transform your struggling network marketing business to a successful one in a twinkle of an eye.
  • Discover the new traffic producing methods for mass customer generation... so you can scale your traffic like the pros (no matter what your business or budget looks like now)!
  • Get to have all your business related questions answered first hand by guys who have been where you are and understand what you are going through.
  • Get to network and build collaborations with other wonderful entrepreneurs who would be attending this bootcamp.

 In this live  BOOTCAMP, we will help you...

Build And Launch Your Profitable Website And Sales Funnel In Just 1-Day

Whether you are just a newbie still overwhelmed with the idea of how you can start and run a profitable online business...OR you are a coach, network marketer or e-course creator struggling to get high-end clients, downlines and make massive sales...

I and my team of highly-paid experts will be on ground to practically walk you through the entire process of building and launching your highly-profitable, digital system for quality traffic generation, lead conversion and continuous sales.

Mounfiq Abu

Business & Personal developement coach

Ike Okolie is an authority on internet marketing , website design and management and online business coaching.

He will patiently work with you to give your business visibility and prominence in the online space.

Calling him will be a great decision.

 MD/CEO Raiyaninspires Consulting Limited

Chidinma Olarewaju

The Chitchatmingle Boss.

My name is Chidinma Olarewaju. Founder of the Chitchatmingle Network. A platform for stay at home mums to reignite their spark and live life by design while caring for their little ones.

I must say I met Ike Okolie divinely, because he came into my life at a point when I needed to take my business to the next level.

Working with Ike Okolie has been truly rewarding. He knows his onions and is an extremely patient individual.

I'll recommend him over and over to all and sundry.

Now if you're like me and in need of an expert to help project your business globally, Ike Okolie is the person to call. You won't regret this I promise.

Be sure to thank me later.


Double Your Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that at the end of the event, you will walk away with marketing gems that are set to transform your business.

If this is not fulfilled as you expected, hold us by the jugular and we will give you back DOUBLE your ticket price on the spot


₦ 7,999

Bootcamp plus all the bonuses

  • Access to day 1 bootcamp
  • Access to all event bonuses
  • Access to internet
  • Unlimited access for one year


imagine what your life will be like if at the end of this event as a network marketer... you have downlines chasing after you like a mad dog, begging you sign them up...

Picture in your head, the desired transformation you will get to experience in your life and business when at the end of this bootcamp... your e-courses start selling massively like a hot cake...

What would it be worth to you as a coach, to immediately start signing-up high-end clients, who desperately want to experience your coaching program.

Now WHAT excuse do you have not to be part of this business and life transforming event?

The POWER to chose totally resides with you...

To attend... OR ...not attend

Depending on the one you consciously end up choosing...

One will help you take your business and life to that level that you have always desired - to have more qualified downliners, clients and sky-high sales

While the other will...

...see you remain painfully stuck with little or no downliners, clients or sales... Which ultimately leads to a depressingly crumbling business and frustrated life (I suspect this is not what you want, if not you wouldn't still be here reading this)

So go ahead now and book your ticket 

My team of high-profile facilitators and I will be on the other side waiting to share with you our top-secret tactics, strategies and tools that will help you build and launch you fail-proof sales funnel

P. S: We only admit a very limited number of participant for this 1-day live event (this is so that we can focus all our energy and resources for instant result)

P. P. S: If you delay, YOU might just have yourself to blame for missing out on such huge opportunity to experience a 360 degree transformation in your business

P. P. P. S: My beautiful assistant has informed me that we are close to getting the exact number of the participants that we can accommodate. (I am really sorry if the doors shut on you)

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