How To Pay For Facebook Ads Using A Free Dollar Card In Nigeria

Do you know that you can pay for Facebook ads using a free dollar card in Nigeria?

This article would take you through the step by step process of getting, funding and make payment with this card.

This card itself is free but you will need to fund your wallet in Naira then convert the sum to dollars.

How do you get this card that you use to pay for Facebook ads?

I would tell you shortly.

This card can also be used to make other online payments asides Facebook ads and they charge you 370 naira to $1.

How to get the free dollar card to pay for Facebook ads

Head over to and register a free account.

The registration process is quite straight forward so I won’t be going over that here.

Their user interface is so easy to follow.

Now follow the steps below to get and fund your own card.

When you log into your account you’ll see a page like below:

pay for facebook ads

Check the left hand side of the screen and click on wallet.

At the point, we want to fund our wallet in naira.

The amount we fund would be automatically converted to dollar later.

Immediately you click on wallet, the page like below comes up.

pay for facebook ads 2

At the top of the screen, make sure you select the naira wallet.

Then at the right hand, you will see the “fund wallet” screen.

Put the amount you intend to fund your account with and click “fund your wallet”

Take note that the least you can fund is $10 which is equivalent to 3,700 naira.

When you click on fund account, you will get a pop up to fund your getbarter account with your card.

pay for facebook ads 3

Fill in your debit card details and click pay.

Note that you can also pay with your bank account but they only support Firstbank and GTBank for now.

Now, you have successfully funded your wallet, the next step is to create a card.

pay for facebook ads 4

Go back to the right hand side of the screen and click on cards.

Immediately this is done, you will get a page like below.

pay for facebook ads

Click on “create a new card” at the top right corner of your screen.

Immediately you click on create card, you get a pop up like what you see below

pay for facebook ads 6

Name on card: Put the name you used on Facebook here (though sometimes it doesn’t really matter)

Card currency: this should be USD

Amount: Put in the amount you want to fund and make sure it is not more than the equivalent in your wallet.

Card type: Make sure it is regular, a temporary card would not work.

Wallet to debit from: This should be NGN, which means that you want them to debit your wallet and credit your card.

After this is done, click on create card.

Immediately you do this, a card would be created for you.

You now have you card and all it’s details.

Next is for you to go into the billing section of your ads manager and update your card details.

Any time you want fund the card, log into getbarter, go to cards, you will see your card like above.

Click on it and fund the card.

Now you can easily pay for facebook ads without the stress of going to the bank to get a dollar card.

Hope the article was able to help?

If you prefer to watch this in video. Click here.


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