A Simple But Profitable Sales Funnel To Triple Sales For Your Digital Products

Having a profitable sales funnel to sell your digital products can be the best decision you will make in business.

A sales funnel that is properly done can keep making money for you even while you are asleep.

There has been a very sharp increase in the creation of digital products recently but 90% of people who create courses are not making so much from it.

That’s because they are doing it wrongly and don’t have a proper sales funnel in place.

Here is the pure truth.

It is very difficult for people to buy your digital products if they don’t know and trust you.

A profitable sales funnel takes them through the process of knowing you then trusting you enough to deliver before parting with their money.

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In this article, I will show you one very profitable sales funnel that can triple the sales of your digital products.

The 5 components of this profitable sales funnel

profitable sales funnel

Your Traffic Source

The traffic source is simply where you will be getting people from, it can be from your ads on Facebook, Google ads or guest post.

Make sure that the people coming to your page are those that are really interested in your business or else this system would not work.

If you are running ads on Facebook, make sure you are targeting the right people.

If you are guest blogging, make sure it is a blog that has the same type of audience as you.

Your Landing Page

The landing page is where people would land on when they click your link from the advert source.

The landing page is usually a page with very short content.

The only purpose of the landing page is to get the contact details of those who land on it.

It is on the landing page that you promise people something for free in exchange for their contact details.

See an example of a landing below

profitable sales funnel

On the landing page, you promise to give them a powerful video but before they can see the video, they need to sign up.

The Value Page

The value is the page people get to see after they sign up.

It is the page that would carry the video that was promised on the landing page.

This video should share value for 15-35 minutes around one topic.

Use the video as an opportunity to blow people’s mind. Share everything around that one topic.

After sharing the value you give them the opportunity to buy something small from you.

This should be an upgrade to what they just learnt in your free video.

It should be a very cheap product that people can afford.

This product would serve as an audition for people to buy your main product.

For example, you might tell them to pay for access to a webinar you did in a Facebook group.

Immediately they pay, you give them the access to the group and blow their minds once again with a bigger value.

After which you talk about your main product.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook group is where you then deliver your first paid product. I suggest a live video or couple of live videos.

The videos can be live or recorded.

Here is what I do for my own courses.

I do a live video for few of my inner circle members; this video course can be free or paid.

The video would be done in a closed Facebook group, with restricted access

I give so much value, more than what they came in for, they’ll drop their testimonials even when I didn’t ask for it.

I use the testimonials as a social proof when creating the video on my value page.

Those coming through my profitable sales funnel are able to see ahead that people already joined this course and are getting result.

This way, they are more likely to join because other people have.

No one likes to be the experiment in cases like this.

You can keep selling access to this group forever with no extra work done.

Your Upsell

The upsell is your main product. It is the ultimate goal of your profitable sales funnel.

Here, you have a product with a high price point.

People only get to see the upsell after going through the courses in your Facebook group.

Because you have given them so much value, they won’t mind taking the step with you.

At this point, they already trust you to deliver.

If your upsell is your personal coaching program, you can even pre-qualify them.

You give them details about the program, let them know it is not for everyone then give them a form to fill.

It is after they fill the form, you get to tell them about the fee for the program.

You also let them know that you are going to drop those who aren’t good fit because you want to work with certain types of people.

Make sure you truly drop people who aren’t good fits for your business.

People would see you as not being desperate and would rush, hope and pray that you choose to work with them.

If you would like to watch this in video for more clarity, click here

You’ve got everything you need to start creating that profitable sales funnel to triple your sales.

Go ahead and use it.


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