How to Setup A Profitable Network Marketing Sales Funnel

Setting up a profitable network marketing sales funnel is a must if you intend to stand out in the ever competitive industry.

This article is set out to show you the best sales funnel you can use to quickly grow your network marketing business.

It is possible that you are really struggling to get your network marketing business off the ground.

You have tried all they told you to do but it is just not working for you.

It is also possible that you are planning on moving your already growing network marketing business forward.

If the above describes you right now, using a profitable network marketing sales funnel is your best bet.

This doesn’t go to say that the traditional method of holding regular meetings does not work.

I know a top network marketer that built his business strictly using this model.

But if you want a faster and automated means to build your business then using a profitable network marketing sales funnel is the sure way to go.

Why you should set up a profitable network marketing sales funnel

A sales funnel allows you move from the traditional network marketing strategies where you have to meet people one on one to pitch your opportunity.

Instead of going out to meet people one on one, you have a system all set up to do the prospecting job for you

while you concentrate on growing your business.

In fact, with a sales funnel that is properly set up, you will have people actually begging to join your company through you.

All the top network marketers you hear about today have profitable sales funnels, why shouldn’t you.

I will be describing the same profitable network marketing sales funnel I used for a client for illustration purposes.

A proper network marketing system is set up so that people can achieve two purposes.

Sell products and build downlines.

You are also able to earn from your downlines/leads and their activities…. This is what makes it network marketing.

The more downlines you bring, the more money you are able to make.

That is why a lot of people concentrate on building downlines rather than product sales.

This article would be more focused on helping you build downlines/leads for your network marketing business.

The profitable network marketing sales funnel works the same way you’ll talk to someone on a one on one basis.

The difference here is just that the system does the talking and recruiting for you.

Here is how it works

profitable network marketing sales funnel

Your landing page

The landing page would be a website with very few content promising a powerful free video.

It is the page where people land on after clicking on your advert.

The sole purpose of this page is to collect the contact details of people who land on the page.

But before people give you their contact details (especially email), there must be a compelling reason to do so.

What will they be getting after submitting their contact details?

That is why you should promise them a sort of free but valuable training in exchange for their email addresses.

Below is a perfect example of a landing page you can use for your business

profitable network marketing sales funnel

The landing page above is promising to give them a free video on how they can start a profitable business in the health niche.

All they need to do is to sign up.

The purpose of collecting their contact details is for future follow up.


The Value Video

The value video is what they get immediately they sign up on your landing page.

This video should be anything between 15-35 minutes where you teach them what you promised on the landing page.

Just assume you are seeing the person face to face while creating this video.

What are you going to say to catch their fancy?

You are going to be sharing a lot of value and amazing strategies in this video.

At this point, forget about hoarding any information. Just share.

Let them know how people have so many health challenges and are ready to spend to get solutions.

Give them facts and figures.

Share marketing strategies especially as it relates to online marketing.

You can learn how to run ads on Facebook and teach them how to do it.

Then finally, you recommend your network marketing company as the company that would provide them the products.

To make this even more powerful, give them mind blowing bonuses to join through you.

It can be tools or courses that would make then get faster results.

You can also promise to show them your system so they can duplicate it.

At the end of the video, you can give them the link to sign up with your company.

Set deadlines if possible or have a number of people you intend to work with.

Tools needed to create a profitable network marketing sales funnel

  1. Domain name and hosting
  2. A page builder (thrive architect)
  3. Traffic source
  4. Email Service Provider (ESP)

Domain name and hosting

This is one very important tool of trade if you are to set up a profitable network marketing sales funnel.

A perfect example of a domain name is

You should get one for your business; I recommend getting from namecheap

After getting your domain name, the next step is to host it.

Until you host your domain name, your website cannot be visible on the world wide web.

Your hosting is going to be housing your landing page, without the domain name and hosting creating a landing page is impossible.

You can also host your domain with namecheap

Page builder

The page builder helps in creating your landing and video pages easily without stress.

There are a couple of page builders around but the one I recommend is thrive architect.

I have been using this builder since 2015 and I must confess it only gets better with them.

If you need thrive architect installed, I will do that for 10,000 naira.

You can also buy a license from their website for $67. The choice is yours.

One good thing about thrive is that you will not regret getting this wordpress plugin.

You can use it in creating your website, use it for your blogs and also in creating your landing pages.

Traffic Source

Where will you be getting people from?

When doing your offline prospecting, you go from door to door to talk to people.

This time, you have to get people to visit your landing page.

You can get people to visit your landing page through your facebook, twitter or instagram timeline.

Or you can just get learn how to run powerful Facebook ads to reach the right people.

Whichever way you decide to go, you have to be getting a lot of people to visit your landing page.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

The ESP synchronizes the form on your landing page with their email service.

Immediately someone enters their email, they are automatically stored by the ESP so that you can reach them again.

With the ESP, you can also send automated messages and newsletters at once to everyone on your list.

It saves you the stress of sending messages one after the other.

There are so many ESPs but the one I recommend you use is getresponse.

Getresponse allows you use their service for totally free for the first 30 days.

If everything is done right, the next 30 days and beyond can pay for itself.

You know what I mean right?

You can now go ahead and create your own profitable network marketing sales funnel.

If there is any where you need more clarification, just drop them in the comment box below.

Is there any other thing you can add to this, also share you thought in the comment box.


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